Dear friends, 

I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of Ten Frames, my new album. 

This time is an album, not a film score: Ten Frames is a journey, lasted a decade, of music written for various and different films. A journey where I was lucky enough to take part in projects that generously wanted me on board. 

A Piano, a string ensemble plus outstanding soloists gave me the chance to go back in time and give a different shape to notes, partly published and partly never been out of my studio. In addition, new music has been written ex novo. 

It’s my sincere hope, for you all, that this album will be a refuge for the soul, a place where to lose and find yourself again. 

Fifty-three minutes of music that I could have never hoped to accomplish, especially during this hostile and alienating year, without the help of so incredibly talented and generous friends. 

Thanks to the executive producer Antonello Martina (Soundiva Classical), without whom none of this would have ever happened. Thanks to my fellow musicians for giving life and shape to pages and pages of musical notes: the Budapest Scoring Orchestra with his conductor Zoltan Pad, my friends and amazing soloists Leonardo Spinedi (Violin), Kyungmi Lee (Cello), Sandro Friedrich (Alto Flute) and Edoardo Capparucci (Alto Sax). Thanks to the wizard Gabriele Conti (mix engineer) for supporting and putting up with me, to Marco Streccioni (Sudovest Records) and Emanuele Bossi (mastering engineer). 

Thanks to Isaac Cugini (GDM), to my precious assistants Stefano Torchio and Mariana Calegari (two wonderful musicians, go follow them) and to the super professional team from Budapest: Balint Sapszon, Bertalan Veér, Dénes Rédly e Anna Sapszon. 

Also, my thanks to Luigi and Sara Pulcini (video editing), and to Mattia Croccia (Filmmaker). 

But most importantly, my sincere and deep thanks goes to you, Alice Armellini, always able to stay one step ahead while I’m still figuring out how to tie my shoes.